2023 Winter Program Guide copy

Employee Spotlight Chanell Maxwell Name & Occupation? My name is Chanell Maxwell and I am a Computer Tech here at the library. I have been working here at the library for 1 year and 4 months, I started as a security guard and now I have been in tech for 8 months and I am truly grateful and thankful that the ECPL staff has gave me the opportunity to be apart of I.T. (technology). What do you like most about working at the ECPL? What I like most about working at the ECPL is the patrons and staff, I enjoy helping others and seeing the big smiles on their faces when I help them accomplish something. I love the programs that we have for all ages. There’s always something new to learn here and I enjoy it influencing children in positive ways. So much so, that when they get older they always come back to the library and tell me how much these moments have impacted their lives. Hobbies/interests outside of work? My favorite hobbies are being with friends and family, watching movies/shows, listening to music and dancing. Favorite books/movies? My favorite books are IT, Misery, Pet Semetary and Carrie by Stephen King. Some of my favorite movies are Dead Presidents, Crooklyn, Why do Fools Fall In Love and A Thin Line Between Love And Hate. Favorite Quotes? My favorite quote is “Don’t just learn, EXPERIENCE. Don’t just read, ABSORB. Don’t just change, TRANSFORM, Don’t just relate, ADVOCATE, Don’t just promise, PROVE”. -Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart. You get one song to listen to for the rest of your life, what is it? One song I can listen to for the rest of my life is “My Life” by Mary J. Blige. Describe the rest of your life in 5 words. Growth, success, peace, faith, and happiness. 15