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CLEVNET Research Databases

CLEVNET Research Databases

As a CLEVNET card holder, you can access high-quality databases of full-text periodicals from within your public library and from home. CLEVNET card holders also have access to databases provided by OPLIN (Ohio Public Library Information Network). For your convenience, those databases are also included in this list. You will need a valid CLEVNET library card and your PIN/Password to access these electronic resources. Forgot your PIN/Password?

As a citizen of the state of Ohio you have access to many other databases at, which are provided by the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN) which is an independent agency within the State Library of Ohio. Learn more about OPLIN at

If you are a preK-12 student in Ohio you also have access to databases purchased by INFOhio, Ohio’s PreK-12 Digital Library.  Those are available at

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OPLIN logo Find a library

Find and Ohio Public Library Tool

Use this tool to find an Ohio public library 

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colorful knitting string in a clear glass bowl

Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center

Take up a  new hobby or learn a new craft! 

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electrical gear with wires

Home Improvement Reference Center

Find ways to improve your home

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Northstar logo


Northstar digital literacy tests your computer skills. You can build skills in key areas, and demonstrate your knowledge by earning certificates and badges. Prepare for your future now! 

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Picture of sun rays coming through the clouds

Religion and Philosophy Collection

Expansive resources for theology and philosophy research

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A cherry tree with what tree is it on top?

What Tree is it?

Identify a tree by leaf, fruit or name! 

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a orange background with a small green snake in the top right hand corner with What's that snake? written on it.

What's That Snake?

A guide to the snakes in Ohio

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A sled being pulled by wolves across the frozen lake

World Book Kids

Allow our youth to explore! 

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a cartoon monkey smiling ready to play

World Book Online

Early world of learning

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Featured: History of the Automobile with a picture of two people on one of the worlds first automobiles

World Book Timelines

Explore history in timelines 

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