The East Cleveland Public Library is a school district library serving the city of East Cleveland. Members of the Board of Trustees are appointed to a seven year term. In their roles, the seven member Board volunteer their services to the Library and the community at large.

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Zakee Ameer Rashid, President
Otis Mays, Vice President
Buildings & Grounds Committee (Chair)
Dr. MaryAnn Harris, Board Member
Strategic Planning Committee (Chair) &
Library Services Committee (Co-Chair)
Carol Shaheed, Board Member
Library Services Committee (Chair) &
Personnel Committee (Co-Chair)
Gerald Silvera, Board Member
Finance Committee (Chair),
Buildings & Grounds Committee (Co-Chair), &
Strategic Planning Committee (Co-Chair)
Cassandra McDonald, Board Member
Sheila Renee Hunt-Sharpley, Board Member

Regularly Scheduled Board Meetings will be held on the third Monday of the month at 6:30 pm

All Library Board and Committee meetings are held in the Lower Auditorium and they are open to the public. Learn more about Ohio Sunshine Laws and review the Ohio Sunshine Laws Manual via the links below:

Ohio Sunshine Laws

Ohio Sunshine Laws Manual