Code of Conduct

ECPL strives to provide an enjoyable and positive experience for all patrons. 

Library Policies

  • The use of cell phones and other wireless communication devices is not permitted in the Library. Please turn your ringer off when you enter the building. Cell phones must be on silent or vibrate mode.
  • Library patrons cannot be paged.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the Library.
  • CD players, MP3 players, and other personal electronic equipment must be used with headphones. 

Child Safety Policy 

Young children are not to be left unattended in the Library. All children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult or caregiver. 

An unattended child is: 

  • Any child under the age of 7
  • Any child who does not know their first or last name, their home telephone number, and the name of the person who brought them to the Library. 
  • Any child left in the Library for more than three hours. 

Minor caregivers must be: 

  • At least 13 years of age. 
  • Cannot be responsible for more than two other minor children. 

Children of school age (6-17 years old) shall not be in the Library during school hours of 9:00 am - 2:45 pm unless accompanied by an adult in accordance with East Cleveland City Ordinance number 537.222. 

If a child is found unattended and remains in the Library at closing, Library staff will: 

  • Make every effort to locate the adult or caregiver. 
  • Staff will notify police and the child will be placed in the care of the police department. 

East Cleveland Public Library is not responsible for unattended children under the age of 18. 

Unacceptable Conduct

First Level

  • Entering the Library barefoot or shirtless. 
  • Bringing pets or animals into the Library other than necessary certified service animals. 
  • Any personal odor that interferes with another’s use of the Library. 
  • Unreasonable noise, including loud talking, singing, music, singing, boisterous activity, and horseplay. 
  • Consuming food or beverage. 
  • Inappropriate use of Library property
  • Soliciting, gambling, or panhandling. 
  • Laying down or sleeping. 
  • Running, pushing, or throwing things.
  • Personal grooming activities in the Library. 
  • Profane, obscene, or abusive language. 

Second Level

  • Verbally threatening or harassing patrons or staff on Library property. 
  • Damage to Library property or grounds (until financial restitution is paid).
  • Entering nonpublic areas without act.
  • Unreasonable noise, including loud talking, singing, music, boisterous activity, and horseplay.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. 
  • Smoking on Library property.
  • Noncompliance with any request made by Library staff or security. 

Third Level

  • Carrying firearms and dangerous weapons. 
  • Selling, distributing or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs. 
  • Engaging in or soliciting any sexual act.
  • Indecent exposure.
  • Theft or attempted theft of property.
  • Acts of vandalism. 
  • Physically assaulting anyone on Library property. 
  • Viewing or possession of pornographic materials on Library property. 


First Level Infractions 

Will receive a verbal warning by Library staff or security personnel. 

Second Level Infractions 

Will receive a written warning from Library staff or security personnel and, if applicable, parent notification. 

Third Level Infractions 

Will result in permanent suspension of East Cleveland Public Library privileges. 

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